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I looked at HistWar's "Le Grognard's" once, but was not extremly exited. When it first was announced, it did sound just GREAT. Then the release dragged on an on and on. When it finaly came out, one could see that it was outdated (e.g., had a very awkard UI and poor graphics). I tried the Demo, but quickly said "No way!" As an alternative to this particilar title, better look at the "Scourge of War" series.

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Yeah, I bought the game, but never downloaded it from the disks even after paying $100.00 for it, I think I felt bad for the developer and bought it to encourage Indies.

At that time, I can't think of how many years ago it was, there was not a whole lot of Civil War or Napoleonic type games being released.

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Ah, come on! There was the brilliant "Battle of ..." series from SSI, even in the late 80s and early 90s. Covering Civil War, Napoleonics and War of the Independence. Great games for poor machines. I once played Gettysburg on my C64. Took me something like 50 hours. You virtually could go and make a coffee, while the computer was calculating his turn.

I quitted, when I moved on to a 486 Computer. The games were running just too fast.

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