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  1. Hello to MPers! I'd like to play "France's Struggles" as CP. If you are up for a match let me know at artificer4@yahoo.com by all means let me know how to go about setting up a match, it's my first time around this neck of the woods.. Cannon fodder, Bob PS, Are matches set up in a common difficulty mode?
  2. Man, What an ugly Avatar! lol Yes, It was time to move on and try something new to me for the time period of WW I, bought TEAW some time ago, but could not get my head into that game engine, didn't really try that hard, maybe later. When I realized that CTGW had no future except for your upcoming MOD, I was crushed and angry, not just for myself, but for all the members who had tech questions of every nature that would go unanswered and not know the reason why they were being left in the lurch, I found that "very troubling". I just pray it does not happen here also.......
  3. Won't hide my being a dedicated fan of CTGW, however recently bought the SCWWI bundle and have been very satisfied with it, especially with Breakthrough. Maybe it's me (a newbee), that this game's interface is harder to manage than CTGW's. One of the reasons I moved over to this game was the lack of Technical Support at CTGW, plus the Daddy of the game skipped town without telling all the buyers the game's programing future is "Dead". My only hope here is: That the Dev's here keep the faith and work with the membership in supporting the game. Have not read all of the posts yet here, keeping an
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