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Hey BFC!! Time for a general CM2 forum?

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Well, the topic title should tell most of it: Isn´t it time we had a general CM2 forum? A place where we could post and discuss all the topics that aren´t specific to one single game family but relevant to all CM2 games.


Here´s a very illustrating recent example:


Mord has just announced his idea about making an After Action Series of modded damaged vehicles. To get every modder on board he has had to start a new topic thread in the four forums: CMFI, CMRT, CMBN and CMBS. He could have gone even further and posted in CMSF and CMA as well (and soon CM Bulge, hopefully). And now we have to check four different threads on the same topic in four different fora to be sure that we´re up to speed on the input from all modders.


Get my point? If we had a general CM2 forum with sub fora like "Maps and Mods", "Tech Support" etc, Mord would only have had to post his idea in one place. And all interested forumites would only have to check one thread for news - instead of four.


Similarily, I have for a long time been entertaining the idea of starting Tips and Tricks for Modders thread. But I haven´t done so, because I really don´t know which forum to place it in.


That´s all. Looking forward to hearing your views about this (yes, that was especially aimed at you, BFC :) )



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Bottom line if they created it I would likely follow it.  But...


That is three more forums needed for what I can count two example threads.  I am not sure that is really worth it.   It also increases the chances of threads being started in the wrong forum.  I have to say I'm not really for it.  But as you said it is up to BFC not me.  Just my 5 cents (Canada does not have pennies any more).

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Personally, I'd be happy to have the Cmx2 forums merged, and have no specialist forums. Add an easy way of tagging your post for if it's specifically about one game (and not blatantly freakin' obvious that's the case). So much of what we whitter about is transferable between the game families.

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