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Question about Mods

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On the information about a particular mod it states a " file Version " like 1.0.  Does that mean it's only good for that version of the game like v1.0 or can that mod be used for higher upgrades to the game like v1.12 or for that matter v3.0?


I don't really have a good understanding about mods so kinda confusing if you don't know what things mean.  Thanks


Oh and while I'm asking questions let me ask another one.  Can all uniform mods be used for quick battles or are they meant to be only used in campaigns and or scenario's?



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The "1.0" or "2.0" on mod names are usually just for the modder's own identification purposes.  He wants to mark his mods by their version number because sometimes modders update their work and this makes it easier for him and players to see at a glance which version of that mod is the latest.  It rarely has anything to do with the game's patch or upgrade status.


Uniform mods will work in quick battles.


The vast majority of mods will work with any version of the game.  However, there are some exceptions.  Earlier uniform mods made prior to the CMx2 2.0 upgrade (late 2012) will not work with newer versions of the game because of how that upgrade changed how uniform files were named.  (Likewise, you won't get newer uniform mods to work with older versions of the game.)  You can get some of them to work by renaming the files, but the CMx2 2.0 upgrade also added in uniforms for NCOs and officers that weren't in the 1.0 version so most of the older uniforms mods will be incomplete even if you do rename the files.  [CMFI was released with the 2.0 upgrade so its always had that version's uniform labeling system.  However, CMBN uniforms made prior to CMFI's release will not be compatible for the reasons stated above.]


Also, some other mods, such as Vin's animated text and UI mods such as JuJu's, will have issues if one is not using the correct version of the game.  But for the most part the majority of available mods (vehicles, sound, terrain, special effects) are perfectly compatible with any version of the game. 


Also, there can also be issues with playing older scenarios/campaigns with newer versions of the game due to TO&E changes made over the years.

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