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Unit balance

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I'm not going to focus on stuff like inter faction balance or whatever at the moment, as I'm still getting a feel for things, but right now there is one obvious bit on the Russian/Ukrainian side of things.  As it is currently, the Tunguska is only 21 points more than the Strela.

Comparing the Tung to the Strela, I can't fathom any reason why I would even want the Strela over the Tung.  The Tung is amazingly multipurpose.  It shreds infantry, light vehicles, and can even mulch buildings in 2 or 3 volleys.  I've seen them do numbers on M1s during ambushes as well, causing amazing amounts of system damage and leaving them without many of them advantages against enemy tanks.  They can also take down any and all aircraft and UAVs.  Between the group of guys I game with, we've all come to think that the Tung is an obvious buy over the Strela.

In comparison, the Strela is a bit easier to hide.  That is its only advantage.  It can't attack ground targets, and it can't even attack as much air as the Tung can.


With this, I would like to suggest the Tunguska either getting a points increase, or making the Strela cost less points.

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2K22 'Tunguska' was intended as a replacement for ZSU-23-4 'Shilka' SPAAG, with the primary weapon feature being the more powerful 30mm cannons over the older 23mm ones. The SAM engagement capability is secondary to the vehicle's concept. 2K22 were intended to be used together with 9K35 'Strela-10' (a dedicated SP SAM system) in the regimental / brigade anti-air missile-artillery squadrons, and they still are. A replacement for 9K35 is in development ('Sosna'), but in the meantime it remains in service and will recieve an upgrade (which will bring it to 'Strela-10M4' version).

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