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Firewalls and multiplayer

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Alright, after getting some advice and help from a couple people, I found out the problem with my multiplayer issues.  It's my firewall.  The thing is, I have an exclusion set to the EXE file for CMBS.  Despite this, the firewall still blocks it until I disable the firewall.

Exactly what do I need to make exclusions for in order to allow CMBS to connect for multiplayer games?

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Sometimes your router's built in fire wall classifies CM games as invasive software, you might have to alter the router settings.However sometimes it just simply cannot be done.


It's not my router, I promise you.  Did 3 test games where I had my firewall from ESET disabled, and the moment I enabled it?  The game disconnected.

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It sounds like you or whoever is hosting needs to port forward.


Already did, as I said, it is the firewall that causes the problem.  Disable the firewall that ESET uses, no problems, we can connect and play just fine.  Enable it, and we can't connect, or if we are connected, it drops the game.

What I need to know is what to set the exclusions for, its not that hard.

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