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campaings and scenarios

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Hi all, 


I just wondered whether anybody had had any problems with CMFI+GL campaigns & battles and updating the engine to 3.0


Personally I have not experienced any issues, but I just want to make sure.


(and apparently I cannot spell "campaings")

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Are you meaning "having problems moving ongoing games" to the new version? Generally that works okay, with the best approach being to save in the "old" version during an orders phase. Sometimes a Replay phase save will work, but it's more likely that an "Orders" phase save will be niggle-free.

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I havent had any problems with saved games. What I was referring to was the debate going on in the CMBN forum where it has been discovered that the engine upgrades have caused some problems with the campaigns and scenarios included in the base game (i.e. disappearing units etc). 


I dont think CMFI + GL has the same issue but i just wanted to make sure. 

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