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  1. Just out of curiosity. When spotting in the game, does size matter? I.e. is a Ferdinand easier to spot than a Stuart? I would heavily reduce the spotting capacity of crewmen without proper optics when buttoned. I think you are right regarding the accuracy and aiming. Personally I would throw a randomness to the aiming. I.e let it deviate xx seconds from the aimpoint, so that at very long range the dispersion would naturally become higher, and hull down positions would be interesting.
  2. Command is an awesome simulation with some very talented scenario designers out there and a very committed community. I would strongly recommend it to any body with an interest in post WW2 naval or air warfare. Just the database is worth the money.
  3. Without wanting to go into any controversial stuff, then I thought Fury was a poor movie.. The Brad Pitt character is a bit of a cliche, the whole story of "soldier has seen it all, is tough but has a very soft side" has been done to death much better before. As for the fighting sequences, then I was not overly impressed either.. the Tiger dance is a bit dumb and the attack on the AT guns should have been absolute suicide even if the guns was poorly sited. Overall a decent movie, with some nice scenes, but lacking in depth and some of the fighting is very Hollywoodesque
  4. it is a tricky one... I cant seem to get rid off the flickering.. there is always a panel or a side on a tank that flickers. Luckily I seem to be to limit it, but it does kills the immersion a bit when you have a IS-2 rolling up looking like a 1970s disco ball.
  5. Hi.. I would be very grateful if somebody would post their NVIDIA settings. I tried to check the old thread but it seems like the images are no longer up. I cant seem to get rid off the flickering of the shadows.
  6. Thanks for the exhaustive explanaition. I think I will give it a shot if it goes on sale. Sounds like a good laugh and a nice distraction from some of the super difficult scenarios that we face in combat mission where usually I get destroyed the first couple of times I play them
  7. I think I would probably agree with your pov. I love cnmao, war in the east, hoi 3 command operations etc but hoi 4 I find a bit too arcady. And I never really got into airland battle and European escalation. Too many clicks and not enough planning and immersion.
  8. Just curious if anybody plays both the Combat Mission games and Steel Division? I do not own it, and despite the beautiful graphics, then it does seem like Command and Conquer set in Normandy. Has anybody on the forum tried it out?
  9. Anybody care to post their settings? I have also had them wiped out and I cant remember what I had put
  10. Good point. I am still sometimes playing a bit too Rambo like. Rushing men forward without thinking of indirect fire, casualties or command and control. And ending up with massive casualties and pinned down
  11. Good to know. Looks like I am going to ha e to take better care. My poor paratroops are getting absolutely gutted in the road to maubourg (spelling).
  12. Thanks for the quick answer. Does it have any effect on the game? As far as I can see it doesn't matter whether you leave them wounded or whether you give them assistance.
  13. Just a really dumb question, but here goes anyways. In the game it doesn't matter whether you pause to treat the wounded? I might have missed in the manual but it seems to me that it doesn't matter whether the medics are brought into play. Thanks for any explanations.
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