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  1. As with many weapons and doctrines, I think the true effectiveness of the MANPADs (and AAA) is forcing the helicopters and jets higher up and further away rather than killing them. The Hinds traditional attack profile, fast in a shallow dive, would be too dangerous, so you end up firing the heavy machine gun and rockets at the very edge of their effective range (or beyond). However, I have no idea whether this is modelled in the game.
  2. And it provides the perfect excuse to include the 82nd airborne, Royal Marines Commandos and the Marine Corps. They are all needed for the relief effort in the CMBB to drive the Poles back into the Baltic Sea.
  3. M41DK1 Super Bulldogs for the Bornholm campaign. Invasion scenario with Polish Naval Assault Division vs the light forces on the island. Also old 20pdr Centurions acting as tank destroyers.
  4. Quick question. Is the Dragon modelled as flying relatively slow compared to other ATGMs? Not that I think it is a game breaking issue
  5. If you speak German, then this is a really good video about the PT76
  6. As far as I know, then one of the main reasons why the Danish army maintained the M41 in service throughout the Cold War (albeit heavily modified) on Bornholm island (in the middle of the Baltic) was that it was expected not to meet much armour that was heavier than the PT76 or ASU57/85. As the PT76 was designed around being able to float and sail quite well, then the a more conventional tank of similar weight was deemed to more than enough.
  7. Totally agree with you. If the air assets or artillery doesn't come into play and if it isnĀ“t significantly more deadly than in the WW2 titles, then the current exchange ratio will kill off Bill quickly.
  8. Does Capt. have any smoke fire missions available? If he is planning a rush, wouldnt a smoke screen help?
  9. Is there a big difference in training levels in the scenarios/campaigns? I am guessing that US forces in theory should be better trained, being volunteers, right?
  10. A North German module could include the Brits, Dutch and Danes (in addition to the Bundeswehr) against Poles and Soviets. At least I think that was how they would have deployed. Quite open terrain but lost of farms, villages with dead ground.
  11. Just out of curiosity. When spotting in the game, does size matter? I.e. is a Ferdinand easier to spot than a Stuart? I would heavily reduce the spotting capacity of crewmen without proper optics when buttoned. I think you are right regarding the accuracy and aiming. Personally I would throw a randomness to the aiming. I.e let it deviate xx seconds from the aimpoint, so that at very long range the dispersion would naturally become higher, and hull down positions would be interesting.
  12. Command is an awesome simulation with some very talented scenario designers out there and a very committed community. I would strongly recommend it to any body with an interest in post WW2 naval or air warfare. Just the database is worth the money.
  13. Without wanting to go into any controversial stuff, then I thought Fury was a poor movie.. The Brad Pitt character is a bit of a cliche, the whole story of "soldier has seen it all, is tough but has a very soft side" has been done to death much better before. As for the fighting sequences, then I was not overly impressed either.. the Tiger dance is a bit dumb and the attack on the AT guns should have been absolute suicide even if the guns was poorly sited. Overall a decent movie, with some nice scenes, but lacking in depth and some of the fighting is very Hollywoodesque
  14. it is a tricky one... I cant seem to get rid off the flickering.. there is always a panel or a side on a tank that flickers. Luckily I seem to be to limit it, but it does kills the immersion a bit when you have a IS-2 rolling up looking like a 1970s disco ball.
  15. Hi.. I would be very grateful if somebody would post their NVIDIA settings. I tried to check the old thread but it seems like the images are no longer up. I cant seem to get rid off the flickering of the shadows.
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