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"Opening up" tanks and IFVs in modern

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This is a request for some gameplay advice in CMBS, and the other "modern" games in the CM series.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of giving the "open up" command to tanks and other AFVs in CMBS?


Having played many of the WW2 CM games (against the AI and H2H), I believe I understand the advantages/disadvantages of having an AFV "open up".


Given the superior spotting of modern vehicles, is there any reason to "open up" an AFV in CMBS?



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Apparently for some vehicles yes. There are one or two other threads on the subject where you can find better lists. But basically the top end vehicles like M1, M2, T90 and BMP3 for sure are better staying buttoned.

With the BMP3 needing the squad leader on board to take advantage of the commander's sights

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