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Mods and PBEMs

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I have a scenario being played by some folks as a H2H PBEM. I modtagged some mods and imported the tag text file and they were there fine when I scenario author tested and all that.


Anyway, this is a special concept I am messing around with and I play a few turns of the PBEM back and forth against myself to prestage some things. Then at a desired point I pass it to the 2 players. I am not sure that this impacts on the issue I am having but as background. Maybe it does?


My mods seem to turn back to default non-modded stuff. Even when I have the mods it still doesn't show!

I am thinking my 2 players did NOT have the mods in their z folder and somehow the file gets screwed up and hex edits itself?.

I always thought that the players who did NOT have the mods would simply see the default junk item but I thought that when it came back to me to grab a sneak view of the action, I have the mods and I would see the mods AGAIN as I had before.




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I have all the mods for V-waard in my z folder.  But I think you are correct in that it should make no difference what the oppo has for mods when the turn comes back to you...you should see your own stuff.  However, maybe it's affected by the fact that when you do your prestage thing, you are in effect using the oppo's turn, instead of your own, depending.  In other words, you give me your turn (passworded), then I get it and open with your/generic PW, then I send it back. Do you follow?  

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Interesting. It is like the program is saying "Hey! You didn't REALLY e-mail the turn...? Somethin' fishy here!"


Like you ever notice that weird squiggle it puts on the front of the filename? 


Maybe it sees each initial player turn where I enter the passwords as HAVING the mod and then when the turns went to NathanGun and he didn't have the mods, the program was like, "Hey! You had them before buddy! What the funk is goin' on here...?"

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