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Minor MP grips.


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1. Network disconnect leads to the game perma-freezing. I don't think I've yet seen it click back on and there is no way (AFAIK) to force it to recognize that the network is fine. I know most people play WEGO multiplayer, but it makes real-time a bummer since a single modem hiccup can result in an abrupt end to an otherwise fine match.


2. No way to chat to someone picking their forces. Since some people spend nearly as long purchasing as they do arranging, I think this is a pretty big oversight.


3. It would be helpful to have some form of lobby system where guest player can see what parameters the host is punching in for the scenario. If nothing else, it would make it easier to haggle.

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Its not as good as in purchase chat but if you both map preview at the same time or one of you map previews during the others arrange time chat can happen ( I think). 


related note.

I think it would be great to have a hotseat style tcp/ip as a third option.  I have been playing wego tcp/ip with my Quebec CM friend but I am really missing turn replays.  I find the extra waiting in hotseat to be totally worth the replay and would sometimes want to do it tcp/ip


Oh and me and my friend use steam to find each other and alt tabbing is annoying but it lets us chat during force pick.

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