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Stinger aiming down and firing?


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Check out the screenshot above. I have two stinger teams next to one another and they fire off their missiles at a downward angle. Now I know they were attacking low flying helo's however at this angle?! I imagine a simple bug to be fixed. 


After, they quickly correct their orientation and fly true and straight. (Stinger teams never did angle their launchers correctly. Always at a downward angle. 




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That might be an affect of being on the extreme map edge. In the editor the map plane elevation defaults to the height of '20' but can be raised or lowered freely (I once built my own Himalayan mountain top). If your guy is standing on a map edge that's at a '40' elevation he could very well be looking down on an incoming helicopter. Move him away from the edge ten feet and he loses his view over the lip of the map plane.

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Humm I strongly suspect this is a map edge issue and therefore an edge case (sorry could not resist). Keep your eye on it and see what happens at other times. Especially if the missiles hit the ground instead of heading for the aircraft. I have to admit I have not paid much attention to Stingers - I have few in a game I am playing right now so if they fire I'll watch them carefully. Right now they are [REDACTED] from the edge of the map so no edge case there.

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