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Is there any online campaigns like the old CMMC days going on

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Sadly... no.


Not of the same scale.


The great CMMC organised by James Bailey and using CMx1 set in Normandy was the finest wargame ever put out there. I don’t do role play, did not think it would be much fun, but as it turns out was a staff officer in the 43rd , artillery, and it was tremendous. Discussing the options, then issues in the orders and waiting for the results to come in , then discussing more plans..


A high quality operational layer will help a lot, there is some serious work being done on this. There is a high quality, commercial operational layer in development. The guy leading it is very competent and knows what he is about.. am optimistic.. but we will have to see..


Small scale CMMCs are easily done.. but the trap many used to fall into was underestimating the ratio of umpires/games masters : players needed. People have learnt this lesson thus are reluctant to embark on the bigger CMMC type projects.


I would be very keen, and willing to be one of the umpires if enough umpires could be found relative to the number of players.


The “command post exercise...” model developed by James Bailey is the ultimate CM :).


All very interesting stuff,

We are unbelievably lucky to have CM at all.. just look at the competition ;),

All the best,


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No offense to kip's answer unless I misunderstand the question but I would answer Yes! there are many online campaigns right at this very instant, huge ones for Overlord. CMRT stuff, one for St Lo, and a new Bulge one that just started.


But of course please investigate and make your own determination....




if you want to PM me to ask any other detailed questions, please do.

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I didn’t mean to be rude about the current crop; there certain are campaigns out there.

I think the tone of question.. “good old days..” made me default to the CMMC type which had a far more hard core, if I can put that way, command post element to it than the present campaigns. Also very big difference in scale.

But the FGM campaigns are certainly very skilfully handled.. this is not a criticism...

All the best,


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My rudeness detector did not go off at all. Maybe the batteries are dead! :D


Well, I was not involved in CMMC but "command post" comment makes me think of 2 things. 1 nostalgic...


In college in 1982 I was a 17 year-old midshipman at USNA Annapolis and we ran a naval wargame one weekend with older actual in service officers dealing with a fictional convoy defense exercise near Cuba. It was in one of the academic buildings and we used 3 classrooms. Red team, blue team and an umpire room I think. It was a lot of fun but mostly in a very non-tech fashion. We had B-52's do a strike on Cuba I think! I had a separate computer battle (DOS) with 3 Soviet OSA-2 boats against an actual navy LT with an FFG and I won. Whoo hoo! Nostalgia is finished.... :D

The 2nd is that just now they have a new style campaign at FGM with I would say a rather intense command post element to it. Almost insanely so!

The Final Stand is the FGM members actings as unit commanders of the 2nd Armored Division attacking St Lo. Reports flow in and artillery is allocated. http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/threads/22nd-july-1944-06-00h-briefing.21484/  they started a few weeks ago and are getting more professional as they standardize the style of reports an add in some dramatic narrative and such.

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