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Changing Main Menu Music & Image?

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Hi everyone,


Like I wrote in the title, I intend to change a couple of things in the game, like the tracks that play during the main menu and loading screen.


I haven't done any modding in CM at all; could someone please briefly tell me how I can do it?


I was thinking of using the music of the original Rainbow Six game.

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The one thing that will really benefit you is to explode all of CMBS's brz files...here's a cut and paste from one of my mods explaining it.


HOW TO EXPLODE A BRZ FILE: Go to where you've installed CMBS...usually it'll be C:Program Files/Battlefront/CMBS or something to that affect. Open your CMBS folder. You should see a folder
called Mod Tools. Open it. You'll see a folder named RezExplode. Open it. Now you'll see two folders and an exe file. Place your brz into the folder titled "input". Now click on the EXE ICON that says RezExplode.
The second folder (should be named exploded) will switch to this message ---inprogress---, at this point the brz is exploding. When it's done the folder will say "exploded". Open the exploded folder and you will find all the files that were packed into the brz. Some times they will be in folders, other times, just random files...all depends on how the creator packed them. Now, You can cut and paste them directly into your z folder or place them in another folder named whatever you choose...and place that in the z folder. NOTE: Don't forget to delete or remove the brz from the input folder.


Once you do that it'll give you access to all of the files for the game that you can dick with. The most important part is it shows you what the correct naming conventions are for the files. One extra space or mistyped word and your mods won't activate.


For sound modding remember to save your wavs as PCM 16bit 44,100khz  (48,000khz for Mac) mono. This applies to ALL gunshots, vehicles, explosions, and voice files. The background sounds and music files will be PCM 16bit 44,100khz  (48,000khz for Mac) stereo.




That should get you started.





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You're welcome. LOL. I actually know who that is...the 'bastidge" guy with the cigar and sideburns, right? Will it get me chicks? If so, I'll get the Elmer's glue and fire up the sewing machine..




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