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  1. Took some great screenshots last night, while playing. I always like armor battles. Thanks for sharing your scenario!
  2. Fun little scenario, but I have a question: the briefing mentions King Tigers as reinforcements, but we only get the "normal" Tigers. Working as designed? I am guessing five KTs would be too powerful...
  3. Very nice paintings. Off-topic, but I got a strong Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard feeling from these
  4. Great scenario... I have lost two Tigers (not Carius nor Kerscher, thank God, and they each scored 3 kills), but destroyed 18 Soviet tanks (and 2 T-34s lost their main cannons). I am considering this a pyrrhic victory, though The Russians would probably in real life recover those losses in days, whereas the two Tigers that got blown up would be irreplacable. EDIT: Those IS beasts are scary
  5. Ahhhh... okay. Too bad. Thanks for the replies. Is it the same for infantry as well?
  6. OK, sorry for the confusion. I am talking about reloading a saved scenario/battle. Not sure why it is happening though... should I perhaps pack all the skins? In a .brz file?
  7. Hi guys, I have been using Aris' German and Russian skins for vehicles, and I have noticed that every time I load the same scenario, the skins keep getting swapped; for example, one Tiger gets a particular decal/texture assigned at the start of a game, but when I exit and restart CMRT, the same texture appears on a different Tiger, and the original Tiger gets a new camo pattern assigned... Any ideas? Is this normal? I don't remember seeing this with German soldiers, who wear tons of different helmets in the game.
  8. Sorry for being an entitled dick Your scenario-making quality has spoiled me, George.
  9. Gah! I thought you were done and released the campaign for a second there
  10. George, when you have time, could you post the mods you use here? Vehicle and infantry skins, special effects, etc. Eagerly awaiting your campaign, btw! Thanks for putting out some excellent content for the CM community.
  11. Ah, never mind. Somehow I extracted some Black Sea setup files into the CMBN folder and the helmet textures got mixed up. I deleted the BS files and everything returned back to normal.
  12. I fired up one of the Market Garden scenarios called "Cut off at Koevering what if" and noticed that the forward observer team has a modern US army camo pattern on their helmets... Other parts of their uniform looks fine. All the other soldiers on the map were also OK. Brits, paratroopers, whatever. Then I started a quick battle, just to see if this was somehow specific to this particular scenario and again, the same problem occurred. Any ideas? I have CMBN + every battle pack, expansion pack, etc. installed, without any uniform mods. Everything is vanilla. This seems to happen
  13. I rarely post on these forums, George, but thank you for these scenarios. They are a joy to play. Would it also be possible for you to list the visual mods you use in CM? Your screenshots look really pretty. Thanks!
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