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  1. Great scenario... I have lost two Tigers (not Carius nor Kerscher, thank God, and they each scored 3 kills), but destroyed 18 Soviet tanks (and 2 T-34s lost their main cannons). I am considering this a pyrrhic victory, though The Russians would probably in real life recover those losses in days, whereas the two Tigers that got blown up would be irreplacable. EDIT: Those IS beasts are scary
  2. Sorry for being an entitled dick Your scenario-making quality has spoiled me, George.
  3. Gah! I thought you were done and released the campaign for a second there
  4. George, when you have time, could you post the mods you use here? Vehicle and infantry skins, special effects, etc. Eagerly awaiting your campaign, btw! Thanks for putting out some excellent content for the CM community.
  5. I rarely post on these forums, George, but thank you for these scenarios. They are a joy to play. Would it also be possible for you to list the visual mods you use in CM? Your screenshots look really pretty. Thanks!
  6. Would it somehow be possible for you to share that screen image at the beginning of your video? 2 soldiers aming their guns at each other and in the middle we have the briefing?
  7. My recon humvee carrying the sniper team in the first mission spotted quite a few moving Russian vehicles during the opening phase of the battle. I was pleasantly surprised. Then, of course, it ate something deadly and ended up smoking, burning and with a huge hole on the right side of the windshield...
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