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cannot reinstall CMSF

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I have a problem with CMSF


It stopped working with the shortcuts saying the file was missing.


so after checking if AVG was up to its normal tricks and it was not as the Virus vault was empty, I decided to try reinstalling it from my Paradox disk.


At the end of the install I get the following error "Move File failed; code 5. Access is denied", I aborted from this.


Looking in the directory there does not appear to be "CM Shock Force.exe" file and I have checked for hidden files.


I have windows 7 and tried running it as administrator with the same problem.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled but still get the same problem.


Please has anybody got any ideas ?







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Is your copy of CMSF ONLY the Paradox version or do you have modules and/or patches (1.21) from Battlefront ?


When you run the installer for CMSF, are you right-clicking and selecting "Run as administrator" from the popup menu ? You may also want to temporarily disable AVG during the installation process (or at least the 'Resident Shield' functionality).


I'm not sure why the CMSF executable would disappear all of a sudden (which is what security software is prone to do on occasion). Do you run any other security software other than AVG (a 'firewall' or some other anti-spyware program) ?


If you have any modules and/or the Paradox Upgrade patch (1.21), then you will need to add exceptions within DEP. You will also need to check for the presence of the 'Runservice.exe' file in your 'Windows' directory. This will need security exceptions too within AVG or whatever else you may be running.


The Paradox-only version of CMSF uses a disc-based copy protection system that MIGHT run into problems with certain security programs or disc-emulators.

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