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Questions About Vehicle HQs, Supplies They Carry, and Command

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So I'm playing a scenario right now where support units arrive along with 2 jeeps, one of which is technically the HQ group to all of these units. This HQ jeep unit contains binoculars and a radio while the other one contains a bazooka and AT rockets.

All the support units themselves are in command of Battalion HQ (off-screen) even though the the only unit with a radio is the jeep HQ. However, none of the units are in contact with each other, even though they arrive together on the map. (WTF?)

Can someone explain the command structure here and also how to pull supplies off the jeeps for my support teams?

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First thing to be clear on is that your jeep is comprised of two elements: the hardware of the jeep and the people in it. If a Jeep is showing as having the blue "HQ" tag in its info panel, that means that the people in the jeep are an HQ team, and one of them is doing the driving. It's possible that either or both of the vehicle and its passengers might have a radio (so there could be 2). From what you're saying, I think the radio probably belongs to the HQ team; the jeep would say "Jeep (Radio)" or somesuch if it was radio-equipped. The Binos definitely belong to the HQ team and will go with them when/if they dismount. As will the radio. Even if the jeep has a radio, it is a fixed installation and cannot be taken out in the CM field.

To access the zook and its ammo, and all the small arms ammo that both jeeps will be carrying, you have to mount the unit you want to pick up the gear onto the vehicle and use the "Acquire" command. You might have to dismount the current occupants to make room for the ones you want to loot the vehicle, and you'll certainly have to split a team off from a squad unless you've taken significant casualties... This evolution can take several turns in WeGo (one to dismount the current occupants, one to mount the guys you want to get the stuff, one to acquire and then move off the vehicle and a fourth to remount the original occupants before they can drive off on the fifth minute. If you want one team (the Assault team) to loot the SMG ammo, and another team (the BAR team) to loot the .30-06 and the C (AT) team to loot the zook and its bombs, you'll be nearly 10 minutes before the original drivers can get moving again. It's much easier to manage such things in the setup phase, but that's not an option for you in this case, of course. You could just get a 2-man scout team to climb in if there's room and grab everything, and remerge the squad teams so that the supplies get divvied out again when you resplit them, or if you don't operate with your squads split up, it doesn't matter much who's carrying what (the AT specialist will probably get handed the zook if he doesn't already have one).

As to the command thing, it's possibly simply because they've only just appeared on the map, and so haven't actually been assessed yet as to whether they're in C2 or not.

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