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Pausable Real time Multiplayer games

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i actually never tried to pause when playing multiplayer, is it possible to pause a multiplayer game (Real time) ?

will definatelly check out but it might take few days untill i get to play MP battle so thats why i ask

if possible , are there any issues or rules about it or limitations to be more precise

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Yes and they are in that funky document they call a "manual" :D

Sorry couldn't resist

Real-time Mode

Two player Real Time Mode works just like in Single Player games, with the difference

being that players must mutually agree to a pause in the action.

Players can request a game pause during TCP-IP play by navigating to the Menu

Options Panel and selecting one of the Request Pause options. The second

player will be prompted to accept or decline the pause request. If the request is

granted, the battle will be paused until both players press the Resume button,

at which the action will continue.

Three types of pauses are available. A Playable Pause allows players to move their

camera around the battlefield, select units, and give commands. A Viewable Pause

allows players to move their camera across the battlefield, but they cannot issue

commands to their units until the pause is lifted. A Locked Pause prevents players

from moving their camera or interacting with units at all until the pause is lifted.

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