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Map: Nemanitsa second edition


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Okay. Here it comes!

Instead of bumping up the old post I decided to make a new one with slightly better pics and ofc the link to updated version of the map! Once gain feedback is needed all tho I am no longer going to make any radical changes to the overall style etc. In general I have the feeling that it's close to as good as editor will allow but some minor adjustements are bound to happen. I will however now start the work on several scenarios on this map and after they are out (should be quickish since they will be h2h only) the map will be released in repository along with the scenarios.

first some pics as promised:



-The limited view on the town of Nemanitsa




- Grain silo and warehouses at the edge of the village - these are work of pure fiction so consider them my "artistic touch"!




-Reworked river bends, more detail, more messier look with lots of bushes and stuff. Could still be better but since the action is most likely taking place elswhere they should do fine.




-My personal pride: clear cut forest turning into swamp (or used to be swampy forest) Tree stumps will be added for smaller scenario.




-Do I hear the roar of tank engines???

finaly quote from my last post regarding right of use and modification:

"if you wish to convert this map to QB (maybe even with AI plans perhaps?) feel free to do so as long as you remember to credit me for the map. Modifications are allowed.

If you wish to use this map to make a ___historicaly accurate scenarios___ and have access to appropriate material reqarding actions in this area (i'm not even sure if there even was any real fighting in this spot in 1944) then once again feel free to use it and modify in any way you like.

As for other fictional and/or unrealistic scenarios I would like for you to wait for me to first release my H2H scenario using this map and then it's free game as long as you once again remember to credit me. Ofc now that it is in interwebs I can't enforce anyone to wait for anything so essentialy you are free to do as you like."

Map is ofc free to be used privately in any way possible!

AND FINALY: DOWNLOAD LINK with the file "nemanitsa preview2" and the pics. - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ximzx6gzc9h56ct/inO0Z1LKnO



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