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WIP Reds village attack

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WIP - Red village attack - no name chosen for the time being.

I am doing the testing of my first CMRT scenario with a full use of the triggers. These are allowing many A.I orders to be executed at a precise moment when troops and or armor (enemy and or friends) are moving on a designated area. But they also can be triggered when another unit is executing its own orders. That way subsequent orders can be done.

During Bagration and later, the German forces have had to conduct a very orderly retreat, most of the time, besides few counter attacks with numerically inferior men and materials.

I have always been amazed when I read AAR of these retreats on newly prepared defence at the way and the skill they used in fighting rear guard actions. The tactics deployed and their results were unbelievable considering the units they fought aginst. Companies were more platoons and they had just a few tanks and or assault guns at disposable. On the other side, just on their heels, Red masses and waves of attackers and tanks were rolling.

The objective of the Germans forces was to inflict as many losses as they could and lose grounds as slowly as it was possible, in order to allow a retreat on better prepared grounds or to gain time for a counter attack by a Kampfgruppe having more troops and tanks

For that scenario rather than creating a new landscape suited to the ideas I had in mind, I searched into the QB maps one that could be suited to the tactical schemes the Germans defenders would have to use. The one chosen is Village Forest Attack 007 1040 x 848.

Its length was brought to 1232. Many grounds features have been changed. A RR Station was made and filled with Germans and Russians disabled armor, some awaiting to be brought to the rear by rail. It was not unusual that the Germans repaired slightly damaged Russians materials and re used it. Germans tanks whenever possible were transported back to a rear repair echelon.

The village is important for the Russians since it is a transport hub for supplies and it has a Rollbahn running through it. The RR bridge and the road one have not been prepared for destruction, so they likely think that their armor spearhead will be able to overcome the German defence.

The Germans have been seen on earlier air recon, accelerating the hauling of their supplies (by rail and trucks) toward the rear with most of their reparable tanks by rail on flatcars.

The Russians believe that they will face at the most the equivalent of 2 full strength platoons. That is the remains of a Company. They do not expect to have to fight dearly for taking the town, since it can be thought that the enemy will move back in stages to give up the town and leave rubbles behind. Some AT guns and one or two tanks and or assault guns might be lurking in wait. They do not have artillery, since it has been overrun two days ago while attempting to escape. In any case The Reds estimate to have a 2 to 1 superiority in men and 3 to 1 in tanks and assault guns. They also have a four 122mm Howitzers and some mortars. That should be sufficient to lay a thick smoke curtain during the initial assault and flatten any strong points that might delay the advance.

On the left of our attack axis the Reds will be confronted with an AT ditch that they made at the time to slow down the German advance. It did not, so it is believed that the same will happen again.

The quick action of our spearhead will prevent such eventuality. Regiment made it clear that the RR Station is vital for us to bring ammo and food for the troops that will be deployed in the pursuit of the enemy. The village will become a huge staging and replenishing area.

The triggers testing have been plainly successful, after some not concluding ones. The objective which I am defining as far as points are concerned will be to move into the town, prevent eventually the escape of the Germans forces that have not been destroyed, by moving into its rear and sealing their escape. For that I might need to augment the size of the map a last time.

I am also thinking about a small counter attack, just to allow some forces to pull back and escape.

So, if you don't find many Germans defenders on your way, that will be that your advance speed is faulty.

I hope depending on some travels I have to do that I shall be able to upload it early May.

Meanwhile here after are some shots.






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To all:

Thanks for your comments. Soon it will be about time to get a ticket ride ! :) I hope that playing the Red attackers will put you in their boots and feel how the Germans were defending their lives before being pushed back to their the fatherland boarders.

About the triggers. I have found the manual indications well done. I should say almost well done, that is once you have tested it by yourself. After just a few tests and mistakes, you get it right.

You just have to understand that when you are triggering an area you must designate it clearly. If it is done for a German trigger, the Enemy designates the Reds. However you must absolutely draw that trigger area in the Axis objectives in the Editor and give it a name. That name will be shown in the "wait for" screen and will be seen on the map, while playing the game in the testing mode.

The hours effect are well explained.


If you want that we reverse role and be this time my tester, let me know by email and I'll send you the file and actual explanations.

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@ all,

Being travelling most of the time I have been obliged to put aside the scenario. Hopefuly, I am planning to upload it in the coming weeks on my return.

I had the opportunity to finalize and test the German A.I many times and hone it to the upmost. I must say that it works like it never did earlier. That is the result of the triggers that are a fantastic asset to the game.

I am meanwhile thinking at the use of some tactical drill that could be eventually put in effect in one of the two A.I plans already made.

In any case the player will, acting as the Rusians troops, be against tactical defensives postures applied at the time by Germans troops during what was a long and never ending retreat.

We should not forget that Von Manstein Kharkov last counter offensive in 1943 was the last major German victory in the East. Ever since they have known only retreat.


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