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Problems with entering buildings..

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I just played the Deville mission, and had some frustrations trying to enter two adjoined barn buildings. While trying to enter the one that did have a barn door, the troops refused to enter the door, but ran around to the other side, into enemy fire.

Then later I found out that if I ordered them to enter the other barn, without any visible entrance, the troops would simply run through a brick wall and enter the building just fine.

I know that CMBN is pretty old by now, so just curious if these small but frankly infuriating bugs have been ironed out in the sequels ?

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There might have been some errors with some of the independent buildings in CMBN when it was first released. If the errors were later corrected, either before release or in a later module or patch, then the only way to 'fix' the building will be to delete and replace it in the editor. Unless the scenario file itself is updated then the error will remain forevermore.

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