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SVT-40 Sniper?

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Yes, if you ever had played Red Orchestra, you would get it ........

Aye, I have played RO quite a bit (I used to be a beta tester for RO: Ostfront 41-45), but to be honest I cannot recall seeing hip-shooting SVTs or G43s all that often.

And yes, the scoped G43 is in the game.

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Probably. That being set, production of the SVT40 was slowly scaled back, starting in 1942, so it probably wasn't the most common sight on the battlefield by 1944, with scope or without.

True, but it was still around in 1944 as a sniper, albeit in very small numbers. If/when it makes it into the game, it should be seen very rarely.

BTW, this is a very interesting document from August 1942 regarding the issues with using the SVT-40 as a sniper:


Description of the issue:

Proving grounds and battlefield tests of self-loading sniper rifles developed by factory #314 based on approved and prototype blueprints revealed unsatisfactory shot groups, and significant deviations of the first and second bullets from the dispersion ellipse.

Both drawbacks are caused by design flaws in the rifle and scope mount.

Attempts by the factory to improve groupings with small design proved fruitless, as reducing dispersion and preventing the 1st and 2nd bullet from deviating too much requires significant changes to the rifle and scope mount.

Since, currently, the 7.62 mm model 1891/30 sniper rifle with the PE scope is being manufactured, and a scope mount for the PU scope for the same rifle is under development, it is reasonable to cease production of 7.62 mm self-loading rifles with the PU scope, provided that proving grounds trials of the model 1891/30 rifle prove satisfactory.

Decisions of the Artillery Directorate of the Red Army:

  1. Finish trials of the PU scope mount for the model 1891/30 sniper rifle no later than August 20th, 1942.
  2. If results are positive, cease production of self-loading sniper rifles starting on September 1st.
  3. If the self-loading sniper rifle is removed from production, increase production of model 1891/30 sniper rifles.

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