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Will triggers do things like allowing reinforcements to enter the game?

Somethink like: If you get near the edge of a map could a reinforcement appear on the edge of the map. It would represent the neighboring (off map) battalion released a company to come to assist ? And this could be either the attacker or defender sends help.

This whole trigger thingy could make for some very exciting and complex battles.

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I'm pretty sure that BFC has nixed triggering reinforcements from map triggers in this iteration of the feature. It's important to remember that they're not branching options. They simply control when/whether a Group moves on to the next step in its orders, and can override (or be overriden) by the usual timer. Reinforcements are not part of the sequence of a Group's progress through the game, AIUI, they're a separate timeline, though they will join a group once they're on-map. I reckon I've been guilty of forgetting this (current - BFC have, I believe, said they have intentions to improve the system in future releases) limitation when I've been frothing about how triggers will help the AI become more of a challenge.

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