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Why Isn't Kumming in China a supply source?

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- Not sure Japan needs any more help in Asia, Amadeus. If you need to reduce units it's jap armies in my mind but discussion is always open on that point :) .

- The problem with Kunming was once you lose China's first capital you can't send any reinforcement/new unit in the south. In all my games Kunming falls and I'm at the point where I don't even bother to defend the area safe for 1 or 2 units to delay Japs.

- You'll also lose an experienced lvl7 HQ for sure as you can't evacuate it. And probabaly in low supply on top of that. I managed to save it once by attacking in the center and moving north but that weakens southern defenses a lot.

- It's also historical to do so:


"Kunming was transformed into a modern city as a result of the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1937 when the invading Japanese forces caused a great number of east-coast Chinese refugees, some of whom were wealthy, to flood into the southwest of China. They brought with them dismantled industrial plants, which were then re-erected beyond the range of Japanese bombers. In addition, a number of universities and institutes of higher education were evacuated there. The increased money and expertise quickly established Kunming as an industrial and manufacturing base for the wartime government in Chongqing."


"During the Second World War, the city of Kunming was prepared as a National Redoubt in case the temporary capital in Chongqing fell, an elaborate system of underground caves to serve as offices, barracks and factories was prepared but never utilised."


"Industry became important in Kunming during World War II. The large state-owned Central Machine Works[7] was transferred there from Hunan, while the manufacture of electrical products, copper, cement, steel, paper, and textiles expanded."

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