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H2H Helper problems

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Evening all,

Has anyone else experienced problems using the H2H Helper utility? For me it's just been a complete waste of time. What initially appears to be a very simple to use and useful tool is anything but.

I installed it, set up an installation (CMBN) and pointed it at the dropbox share set up by my opponent. It never actually copied shared game files to my incoming directory so I had to resort to doing this manually.

I then tried to create a second installation (CMBN1), in case I'd done something wrong the first time around and now it's completely ceased to work all together, and is throwing errors out to the log (see attached image).

FYI I can't show you a game details dialog because H2HH no longer shows an installation, there's no way to view it.

Is there any way of un-installing this application cleanly or is a manual hack required to remove it? The reason I ask this is that it appears to have added a load of junk to my registry. If there was some facility to safely remove it I could at least attempt to re-install and try again.

I'm using Windows 7 64bit.

See both attached images.

Many thanks,




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What version are you using ? Current is 2.11.2 ( may even be 2.11.3 ).

As far as I know, Allan is correct - you don't even "install" H2HH as such, you just unzip it somewhere and run the exe from there.

I searched my own registry and can only find a single entry for an older version (2.10.7) under audio ( probably for the "ping" sound ).

Suggest delete the one you've got, get the most recent, and try again. :)

You can get the latest here : www.bitly.com/h2h-helper

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Thanks for all your replies but I seem to have resolved the issue now. I deleted all of the extracted helper files and also deleted the folder: AppData\Roaming\GreenAsJade\H2HHelper. I then re-installed the previous verison (2.11.2) too.

Not sure if it was any one thing but more a combination of issues, however removal of the folder under AppData certainly helped.

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