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Eagle eye machine gunner

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So I'm in the second battle of the MG campaign and I have a squad prone in an open field beginning to lay down area fire on a building some 600+ yards away. There are 2 BARs in the squad and as each lay down a burst of fire, they are immediately cut down by a return burst from the same direction they were shooting. Mind you there are 6 other men in the squad laying down between the two BAR's and no one else was touched. That's some sharp shooting machine gunning, I tell you.

In the same battle, I had a split squad of 5 men enter a building and as they enter the fight with some enemy from a few yards away, who are the two in the squad that get hit? The guy with the BAR and the .30.

Are they just more likely to get hit?

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First off, your Inf Squads are not going to do squat trying to lay down suppressive fire at anything over 250 meters...unless its MG fire, then maybe upto 500 meters.

Sorry, can't answer much more then that, or why certain types of Inf are singled out.

I for one still think Auto-Fire is to accurate with the latest patch ( especially SMG's ) and should be nerfed down a bit to represent bunching of Inf in same or adjacent Action Spot...It's done for HE and so should for Automatic fire.

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Thanks guys.


I do realize that fire form that range is not going to be effective, but since I had nothing but a general idea of where he was shooting form, I figured at least putting some rounds at the building couldn't hurt. The squad does have a .30 as well, but he didn't engage in that particular turn.


Didn't think about recalculating the turn. Will try that and see what happens.

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I think fire is prioritized to effect what is considered to be the most dangerous weapon first, all else being equal. That means that unless they are somehow in better cover, automatic weapons bearers get to die first.


I have recollections of BFC-ers saying this isn't the case; the TacAI doesn't pick its targets in a team/squad by threat or rank, but it could certainly seem that way if the range were such that the squad automatics were enough more effective than the personal weapons to be the only ones spotted, as they're the only ones firing. Or if the TacAI prioritised the microlocation of the Gunner so that they tend to have more firing opportunities, and are hence more exposed to return fire. Or if the burst fire of the weapon made them the most likely to be spotted. Or if staying up long enough to fire a burst made them more exposed. Or if the way the Gunner behaves between bursts is different to the standard rifleman since they have a bigger mag. Or a combination of the above.

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