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Barbarossa to Berlin: Western Allies

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I am sorry if this was answered in some AAR or updated post, I actually had no played this since release and only picked it up again a week ago:

I noticed that in the Barbarossa to Berlin map the Western Allies do not start with a NM bar or a flag, or any of the normal stats.

I was really surprised by the fact that they show up about a year into the game and I did not know the engine can actually do that because I have not seen any other cases in the SC (at least this gen of it) games where this happens.

Point of this topic is to ask if this was actually a new feature put in for AoC or if there simple has never been a reason before to use this.

And because I like to ramble and this forum is dead:

Now that we have a map all the way to Berlin, wouldn't it be cool to add France and make us actually manually fight the 2nd front later in the game, rather then just telling us about how it is happening?

I admittedly haven't played Barbarossa to Berlin far enough to know what the Western Allies will start doing, I only played the original Barbarossa campaign when the game first came out

And 3rdly(and lastly), kinda important:

The map has a glitch where you cant use the trains into and out of Italy(there is a train line there and I am pretty sure it is supposed to work , but it doesn't): You can't even get out of Italy by land, the tiles are too close at the edge of the map and you cant walk over them.

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