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Perfect. Thanks-a-million, LukeFF!!

I hate to ask too much, but is there any possibility yourself or someone else could snap a photo of the list of single battles? If possible it'd be a lifesaver.

Thanks for the quick response above!

No problem! I'd get a screenshot of the battles screen, but I think I have some third-party missions in there.

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Here is a list of my "Campaigns" and "Scenarios" directories. I have CMBN and CW, but not MG. HTH. Note that there is a utility, in the Mods section of the web site, that extracts game size, titles, etc, from the "btt" and "cam" files.


Courage and Fortitude.cam

Devon - Basic Training.cam

Kampfgruppe Engel.cam

Panzer Marsch.cam

Task Force Raff.cam

The Road to Montebourg.cam

The Scottish Corridor.cam

Individual Scenarios:

1 Training - Roadblock.btt

A Delaying Action.btt

A Stange Awakening.btt

Barkmanns Corner.btt

Bloody Dawn.btt

Bois de Baugin.btt

Buying the Farm.btt

Carbide Carbide.btt

Cats Chasing Dogs.btt

CW 18 Platoon.btt

CW Breaking the Panzers.btt

CW Buron - Sticking it Out.btt

CW Buron - The Main Event.btt

CW Colossal Crack.btt

CW Evil Be Unto Him.btt

CW Flowers of the Forest.btt

CW Holy Ground.btt

CW In the Shadow of the Hill 5am.btt

CW In the Shadow of the Hill 6am.btt

CW In the Shadow of the Hill 7am.btt

CW In the Shadow of the Hill 8-30am.btt

CW Keep Calm and Carry On.btt

CW Linking Up & Breaking Out.btt

CW Loamshires.btt

CW My Honor is Loyalty.btt

CW NEDForce.btt

CW NorMons.btt

CW Seven Winds.btt

CW Surrender Invites Death.btt

CW The Bridge at Varaville.btt

CW The Mace.btt

CW Through the Loop.btt

CW Ubique.btt

CW Valleys of Decision.btt



It's a New Dawn.btt

Kings in Retirement.btt

Last Defense.btt

La Valence.btt

Le Desert.btt

Platoon Patrol.btt

Pleasantly Shaded Woodland.btt

Silence the Guns - Brecourt Manor.btt

The Crossroads at Monthardrou.btt


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Here's what I show; CMBfN, CW, & MG.


1 Training Roadblock

A Delaying Action

A Strange Awakening

Barkmanns Corner

Bloody Dawn

Boid de Baugin

Buying the Farm

Carbide Carbide

Cats Chasing Dogs

CW 18 Platoon

CW Breaking the Panzers

CW Buron - Sticking it Out

CW Buron - The Main Event

CW Colossal Crack

CW Evil Be Unto Him

CW Flowers of the Forest

CW Holy Ground

CW In the Shadow of the Hill 5am

CW In the Shadow of the Hill 6am

CW In the Shadow of the Hill 7am

CW In the Shadow of the Hill 8-30am

CW Keep Calm and Carry On

CW Linking Up & Breaking Out

CW Loamshires

CW My Honon is Loyalty


CW NorMons

CW Seven Winds

CW Surrender Invites Death

CW The Bridge at Varaville

CW The Mace

CW Through the Loop

CW Ubique

CW Valleys of Decision



Its a New Dawn

Kings in Retirement

La Valence

Last Defense

Le Desert

MG A Man Can Die But Once

MG All Round Defence

MG Arnhem Road Bridge Master Map

MG Back to the Waal

MG Boldness Be My Brother

MG Borderland

MG Boys against Men

MG Bridge Number Seven

MG Counterattack at Son

MG Cut off at Koevering

MG Devils Hill

MG Drive on Dreijenseweg

MG Dunes of Eerde what if

MG Elst Master Map

MG Facade Troop

MG Frosty Welcome

MG Green Hell

MG Johanna Hoeve Master Map

MG Londsdale's Block

MG Lost Cats

MG Nijmegen City Master Map

MG Nijmegen Road Bridge

MG Nijmegen West Master Map

MG Oosterbeek Master Map

MG Oosterhout Master Map

MG Out on a Limb

MG Outstanding Gallantry

MG Sacrifice for a New Religion

MG Sheriff of Oosterbeek

Platoon Patrol

Pleasantly Shaded Woodland

Silence the Guns - Brecourt Manor

The Crossroads at Monthardrou



A Moment in Time

Courage and Fortitude

Devon - Basic Training

Kampfgruppe Engel

Panzer Marsch

Task Force Raffe

The Road to Montebourg

The Road to Nijmegen

The Scottish Corridor

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