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  1. I am playing a scenario in CMFB that includes mine fields in the initial setup. I don't know if they are anti-personnel, anti-vehicle, or mixed. In any case, is it safe to move men and vehicles through a friendly mine field, or do they risk detonating the mines as the enemy would? Another way to ask would be, do mine field know which side they're on?
  2. I am playing the training campaign for CMFB. There is a terrain type for light woods, around the more dense woods along the South edge of the map. When plotting moves for my tanks, it allows me to place waypoints within the light woods, with a final destination in an open field beyond. However, when the turn starts, the tank is in the process of going around the woods, and crossing through them at a narrower place than the path I plotted. Is this one of those "the AI will figure the best way to get the tank where you want it to go" situations? The tank hasn't made it into the woods yet, a
  3. I have had tanks with a small red spot under "Tracks" when viewing the damage report, yet they seem to move normally. What does that mean? Are they more prone to immobilization if they run over a wall?
  4. Good to know. I don't really understand how mines and barbed wire work in CMBN. Regarding mines, it seems that you can't mark them until someone gets blown up by one, first. Then, a red sign appears. You can Fast/Quick move some engineers to the adjacent square, and use the Mark Mines command into the square where the mine was set off. Once they are done, the sign turns white. After that, troops can move through the mine field at Move speed without getting hurt? I thought the same applied to vehicles, but you are telling me that is not the case. Bummer. Does moving a vehicle through a
  5. I just won, on my second try. My failure on the first try was due to not conserving ammo, and underestimating the strength of the enemy. Also, understanding the range limits of different weapons is important. I was trying to shoot at German positions from the North side of the river using M1 rifles, not realizing that their effective range is only 400 meters. So, you need to get your troops close enough to the German defensive line to shoot at them. You can't do that without tank support. You can't move your tanks forward until the AT guns have been knocked out. So, you need to send a few
  6. Thanks for the support. When I am learning a complex, new topic, I find it helpful to have a short summary on hand for reference. Thank you for the blog posts, BTW.
  7. Bil: I just read through all the posts in Tactical Problems, and put together an brief outline that summarizes the major points. If it is OK with you, I'd like to make it available here for anyone who is interested. TacticalProblems.CMBN.txt
  8. I'm currently using H2HH 2.10.7. Should I switch to CMH? What is different between the two?
  9. I am at the end of a LONG PBEM game. I have no units left, and the time limit expired several minutes ago. I have pressed "Cease Fire", but my opponent apparently hasn't, as the game keeps going. He has not answered several emails asking him to also press Cease Fire. Is there any way I can force the game to go to the AAR screen? I would like to see the points tally, but until he checks his email, I get the feeling the game won't end. If I press "Surrender", will it bring up the AAR?
  10. I respectfully disagree. The Combat Mission series appeals to a niche market of dedicated enthusiasts, who recognize that Battlefront relies on their monetary support to stay in business. The people who would pirate the content and never pay for it would never have become paying customers to begin with. OTOH, there is a chance that some of them would discover the game, who might not otherwise have heard of it, and become paying customers. I have heard testimony from several musicians who distribute their content free on the Internet. They just *ask* their fans for financial support, so
  11. Sorry if this was answered earlier in this thread, but given that you will not be able to "replay" to action in wego TCP/IP, will it be possible to at least record the video so it can be viewed/re-viewed outside the game? I don't see any technical reason why that should be too hard. If the program can send the video action to the screen, it could send it to a data file just as easily.
  12. The issue of copy protection for computer software has always been a contentious one. The argument in favor is that people won't pay for something if they can easily steal it, instead. The counter-argument is that if people respect a company and it's product, they won't steal from it, as they recognize that they would hurt themselves in the long run. The vast majority of people do have a sense of fairness they won't ignore. It seems to me that the Combat Mission family of games appeals to a very specialized niche market. The people who are regular players recognize that they need to sen
  13. I just started using a grid terrain mod. It makes it much easier to see the terrain contours without having to pan the camera over every square inch.
  14. Thanks for all the replies! I've been away from my computer for the past week, and never expected the question would generate such a lively and informative discussion. Regarding the "blind scenario" question, I am a relative newbie, so I have only played a few scenarios. However, I avoid the temptation to play a scenario against AI once I have started a PBEM game, as that DOES seem like "cheating" to me. That being said, my son just started a PBEM game against me, using a scenario that I just finished (and won) against someone on the forums. He has kicked my ass in the last two battles,
  15. I have a PBEM game going (I hope my opponent doesn't see this!). I have one of his tanks spotted, and I zoomed in on it during "playback" to see if it had fired its weapon during the turn. I noticed that when the camera was close to the tank, I could hear the sound of a nearby mortar firing. Even though it wasn't spotted, I could figure out where the mortar was firing from by moving the camera around, and listening to the sounds during playback. It seems that you shouldn't be able to hear, up close, an enemy unit that hasn't been spotted. Perhaps the developers could put that on the lis
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