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How in WEGO do I get a MG team to cut off?

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I tend to delay my assault team's move for a few clicks of the Pause button, if I think they're going to suffer from too much friendly suppression. Or get them to a close enough jump off point that pinning any defenders with 15s of fire (and therefore keeping their heads down for 45s) will give the attackers time to close and hose.

But if neither of those conditions can reasonably be arranged, a little "self-suppression" can be borne. If the suppression effect on your troops is small, but enough to disable them, you probably didn't have enough widespread suppression on the defenders, and if the suppression effect is large, you should probably have delayed the charge. Most of the time, there shouldn't be any rush to get something like that sorted in the immediate next minute, and a 30s hold is preferable to the assaulting team getting chopped up by fire as they close.

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