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H2HH 2.11.0 - minor update

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Just now, I've also posted a version of H2HH 2.11.0 that is build on Windows XP.

For some reason (which I don't understand yet) the normal Windows version (built on Win7) gives at least one person on Windows Vista a problem.

So if H2HH would not start for you:

1) Why didn't you tell me already?

2) Try h2hh-2.11.0-xp.zip


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Yesterday my H2H-Helper corrupted and crashed and dragged along with it some other applications. I decided to uninstall but there was no inherent uninstall icon and Win7 did not recognize it as ever having been installed in the first place.

So I uninstalled manually (as best I could) including file searches and registry edits (probably imperfect). CCleaner also did not locate H2H-Helper's bits and pieces.

I eventually stumbled across over 1800 files occupying more than 41 GB of my HD. They were all chat......h2hh files. It seems that H2HH continually and invisibly writes chat files in the background without deleting them or cleaning them out - until you run out of space. This is even though we are not sending each other chat messages. This is viral-like behaviour (probably not intentional but nevertheless) and lack of Win7 installation recognition is poor programming. As is its inability to clean up after itself when uninstalling. Too bad because it is a very convenient utility and I liked using it.

I have decided to stop using it and have asked my opponents also not to use it because their H2HH continually sent chat files into my drop box.

So be careful!

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