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  1. Today I posted the British 7th Armoured Division (Desert Rats) armour and vehicles with tactical markings and mod tags added over stock skins, over at Green as Jade's repository. Again, I have not posted my mods for every single squadron, only one representative squadron randomly selected for each battalion.
  2. Also thanks to Iron Cat for the kind words. However, all I did was resize and paste the tactical markings obtained form the web on top of the stock game graphics. Then dirtied some up a bit. Not much skill but just very tedious.
  3. Thank you folks for catching the error. Yes, of course, the British 11th Armoured Division is the Black Bull. The mod that was posted at Green as Jade's site has the correct Division and Tactical markings but I made the same description mistake. That has now been corrected. Tomorrow I will post a similar collection of mods for the British 7th Armoured Division (the Desert Rats) with their tactical markings. Again, thank you for keeping this senior on his toes. Cheers, Kandu
  4. I have just posted 12 new collections of my modifications over at the former Green as Jade's. I added tactical markings and mod tags to all the original game's stock vehicles that make up the British 11th Armoured Division's elements. I have not uploaded every individual platoon's markings although they are in my personal collection. For each element, e.g. [45] Armoured Recce, I have selected a representative platoon. For detail freaks like me, this this is a collection to have. Later this week I will upload the same for British 7th armoured division. I have not added tactical markings to any other nor to any of Aris' weathered armour and vehicles. It got to be too much for too little return. Meaning, that most gamers do not bother to get to ground level to savour the details. For those who do ........ enjoy! Kandu (the Dutch-Canuck)
  5. No Worries. Have gaming friends to test locally. Cheers,
  6. Thank you. Got it and will try it later today. The scenario is now complete. Can we connect by dropbox so I can send it to you and playtest? My email is wim.oudsh@gmail.com
  7. Thanks for the tip about texture sizes. I think I'll have a look at my collection of downloaded and created textures and maybe see if these can be reduced with favourable outcome. Thank you for the playtest offer RockinHarry. As soon as the scenario is completed, I will be in touch and we can have a go at it. I have completed my research of the German forces at that location and have added them to the map. Now I need to find out exactly what elements of US armour Z force (or Y force?) from CCB made it as far west as this map and as well, who are the sources referring to when they mention "attached armour" in reference to 30th inf div's 120th regiment. They had reached Pont Hebert before pulling back but 7 tanks didn't get the message and some had struck out towards the west even claiming incorrectly that they had reached les Hauts Vents unopposed.
  8. Very glad to hear its working for you and that you like it. I initially started mod-tagging my new skins as well but I have been gradually drifting towards using Jones Soft Generic Mod Enabler (JSGME) to move mods into and out of CMBN. I am presently creating an H2H scenario for July 10th, 1944 Panzer Lehr's attack from les Hauts Vents towards le Rocher (en route to Cavigny). This recreates one of Panzer Lehr's four combat commands (two on the eastern flank and two on the western flank) that attempted to punch through to Sainte-Jean-de-Daye. The biggest challenge will be to create a VP balanced game for what was and will be a German military defeat. My plan is to start with the baseline concept that if the 'game' result matches the 'historical' result (i.e. Lehr pushed back to their starting point) then the 'game result' will be a draw, not a German 'player' defeat. And go from there. For this scenario I have cropped about 1 km of the north edge and everyrthing to the west of the farm 'Esglandes' (west of les Hauts Vents). Once Lehr and US 3/120 Rgt 30 Inf Div start shooting at each other, it will be interesting to see if the game overloads and crashes from the number of computations. With respect to question of RAM vs Graphics memory, I have both an Alienware desktop and an Alienware laptop with the following specs: Desktop: Win 10 64 bit, Intel i7-6700K @ 4.00 GHz, two NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 cards in SLI and 16 GB RAM, HD not solid state Laptop: Win 10 64 bit, Intell i7-8750H @ 2.20 GHz, NVidia GeForce RTX 2070 and 32 GB RAM, HD solid state. Both are able to load the 2x4 km map and the laptop with its SSHD and 32 GB RAM loads faster. However when I attempt to load the full 4km x 4km map, the desktop is able to do so in 5 minutes but he laptop crashes at 54% with the message "out of memory". Since it has twice the RAM of the desktop I assume that this message either refers to Video memory or that it is not writing overflow to the SSHD. Since I am not a computer techie, I don't know. And like RockinHarry, I also found that load times differed only a little between my low and high detail maps. Making the maps smaller certainly does. Strategies for preventing load crashes in order of priority: 1. Crop maps smaller. 2. Remove all trees except forests and apple orchards. In other words the trees that line the edges of the fields and roads. Change all forest trees to just one deciduous tree type. The tall bocage will suffice. 3. Reduce all ground tiles to just grass and hard ground and change all cultivated fields to just one wheat tile type. The hard ground is associated with the buildings. 4. Remove all flavour objects, not forgetting the wheat stooks in the fields. The object of the foregoing is to reduce the number of objects that the program needs to fetch and the number of tiles it needs to compute for placement. A map that is 2km x 4 km consists of 125,000 tiles. One tile may contain as many as four itmes: ground, bocage, tree and flavour object. One the bullets start flying that's an astronomical number of computations. Kandu or maybe Kan't du
  9. Here I am posting my 'High Detail' version of the western half of my 16 square kilometer master map for the region around les Hauts Vents and Pont-Hebert. It differs from the "Low Detail" version not in screen resolution but rather by the inclusion of a few hundred flavour objects and a great deal of variation in the base ground tiles. All this of course will only be noticed when the camera is at ground level. As with my former posting, you must use Falaise's 22.5 degree paved road and the stock roads for this to look correct. If you want additional historical flavour, i.e. the buildings looking correct for that location in 1944, then you also need to download my building skins which I have uploaded to Green as Jade's mods repository. The map is pristine, meaning that no buildings are shown with damage and no craters anywhere. With this map size and detail it can be a slow load on some computers and some may not be able to load it. Permission is hereby granted to modify or crop the map in any manner you choose and to incorporate it into any scenarios you wish to create, only if doing so, it must remain freely distributable and may not be included in any commercial product without my permission. If you create a scenario with it, it would be very nice if you would email me a copy. Cheers and enjoy, Kandu 0-les Hauts Vents HD MM.btt
  10. Would be happy to help play-test any of your scenarios. Kandu (Canuck)
  11. I may be able to post the high-detail map within the next two weeks. The only difference is more flavour objects, more variation in ground tiles and crops. And a LOT longer load time. Not all the details are in place yet. Presently I am working on creating an H2H scenario for the low-detail map involving II Bn 902 Panzer Grenadier Lehr and US 3/120 Rgt 30 Inf Div and Z force of CCB.
  12. 4 km x 2 km map uploaded here under the title Panzer Lehr at Pont Hebert and also at Green as Jade's site. I have posted the necessary new building skins at the repository as well. Look there. Sorry for this repost but the other title did not attract much attention and I wanted people to be aware of a fantastic new map. The map can be cropped into smaller sections to create your own scenarios.
  13. I have now uploaded all my new skins plus this map to Green as Jade's CM mods repository.
  14. Sky is black: This is not an 'issue'. The Mission/Data parameter is set as 0130 hours. So it is in the middle of the night. You can either change the time in the Scenario Editor or use Alt B to get 'daylight' conditions at night. Not opening on version 4.00. Sorry to hear that. Can't do anything about that. I am using the most recent version 4.02.
  15. HUGE MAP attached. Here I have uploaded the western half of my Panzer Lehr at Pont-Hebert map project. This map is 8 square kilometres (4x2) and is in low detail, meaning that all flavour objects have been stripped off, all ground tiles converted to grass only (with a few exceptions) and crops are limited to four types. If your computer will not load the 3D map then load it in the Scenario Editor and crop it as you please. To use this map properly you must also install Falaise's 22.5 degree paved roads or my modification of it. When using 22.5 degree paved roads you must also be using the stock paved roads and not any road mod that alters these. This map looks best (i.e. historically correct) only with my many new building skins. I tried (unsuccessfully so far) to load these to Green as Jade's site. Will try again later. Les Hauts Vents LD MM.zip
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