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Artillery - Can we get a function to switch commanders until we get one that can fire


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Just playing some WEGO and realised another thing that is not so annoying but may make things a little easier again.

I got some werfer re-enforcements in this battle. I found them in the off map artillery section.

But once a commander is selected and you figure out he cannot use that artillery, you have to back all the way out of the menu and select another commander... select arty to see if he can fire. If not go all the way back out again.

Very inefficient really unless you have a commander that you know has line of sight and authority to fire ahead of time.

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What would be really useful is if the list would be sorted (from left to right) by accessibility (available then busy then denied).

Then in those three groups first offboard then onboard.

This would reflect common usage. Usually you want to fire something that is available and offboard more commonly than onboard.

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