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Thank you for the support

In terms of my work list.

Here's what I'm doing right now

SdKfz 234/1 - 2 skins 80% each .. make a more traditional 0%

Pak 38 ® 95% 1 skin

Pak 38 2 skins 70%

SdKfz 223 1skin 60%

Pak 41 2 skin 50%

IG 18 75 m 1 skins 95%

Redone SdKfz 222 a clearer option 0%

Redone SdKfz 234/2 - updated the skin and make 2 options ..... 80% done each

So tell me what you want, i can try to do it. but you should know :

1 / I am very slow

2 / I do not know process to make the file plain (like MikeyD orther moder)

I learnt to mod by myself but i dont know to do this.Perhaps someone else can help us for that ...otherwise I will look into the matter, if nobody come to our aid.

PS: Who made me a bad vote? One star !!!... and especially why ? :D

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I think you make a very good work!

And I think you should make these mods, which are most enjoyable for yourself. So your list is fine for me.....buuuut if you have some sparetime it would cool, if you could have a look at the PSW 231 ;) . I think it looks a little bit dull at the moment...

greetings, alex

PS: I experimented a little bit with gimp and the uniform-bmps, so every modder has my greatest respect...especially if he/she teached it him/herself...

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