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C2 and Communication

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I am a new player to Normandy. As this game meets a lot of my interests I went for the Holiday pack, base game, V2, market Garden and Commenwealth.

I am slowly learning the game mechanics supplemented by my own tactical knowledge(Army Officer)

What I cant figure out is when I was playing RAFF campaign, I had the two mortar teams.

I deployed them and they were in voice/visual of the CO CDR. For the first few minutes of the game my PL(he was far away) who was in the support by fire position contact them. All of the sudden (he did not move) he could not employ indirect fire.

THen my CDR, who remains next to my mortar teams, can only communicate with the one mortar.

THen, the mortar team in issue shows a red mark by contact with the company.

Can someone help me out?

I am sure I will have plenty more questions soon

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