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The War - 2eme Guerre Mondiale on youtube

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i know this is not directly related to cmbn but in general section it would get simply lost i think. thats why i put it here as there may be some people interested in it.

the european tv channel "Arte", that is a german-french produced culture channel, put out a 14 part ww2 docu with roughly 50 minutes per part, ive seen part 1 and 2 so far. the downside is its in french :mad: i didnt find a german version so far and i dont think there will be a english one.

now why i still choose to post it here is cause it is stuffed with original photos and archive footage in black-white and colour, no reenactment(i hate that in documentations). i dont understand french but i just watched the first 2 parts for the pictures and the footage.

there are interviews with US veterans but they dubbed them in french :mad:

anyways this is part 1, go from there its 14 parts in total.


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Your link takes me to The War, directed by Ken Burns. The original is in English. It was broadcast on public television in the US. Shouldn't be hard to find (compared to learning French). Keep looking! It's worth seeing.


sweet!!! i watched several episodes in french now, what a waste of time. now that i know what it is i can search for it and find it and watch it all again :P. ill check out netflix for it.

many thanks!

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