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Maps of Belgium


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Does anyone have a link to high quality, good resolution topo maps of Belgium? There is a series of 1:100k topos online, but they're kinda useless, and the Terrain overlay from Google Maps doesn't have much better resolution.

I have the 1944 1:25k topos of Holland from the Library of Congress, and modern topos of France are available from Geoportail, but Belgium is a bit of a black hole.


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Hi Jon,

I never found any worth a salt. For my Baraque de Fraiture map I ended up using google earth and from the thread over in CMFI:


I searched but couldn't find a topo map, US Army map, etc.

Found a 12th Army Group situation map but it has no topo lines.

So, in google earth, which is awesome if you don't have it yet, you can do a "line measure" and then under edit "show elevation profile". It is based on 2013 Aerodata International Surveys. All the elevations are around 600m, so in the map editor I just use the last 2 numbers as relative difference. Use the "direct" tool. Then in street mode you can cruise the major roads and see the lay of the land.

This was just my approach but I know you will come up with something way better.

Maybe Steve asked you to start coming up with some campaigns for CM Bulge?

whoooooo Hoooooooooo!!!!!!

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I have found a few 1:25K maps of the area I used for my Malmedy and Stoumont maps. Unfortunately they came from various sources. Here are a few sites used:



Found some good ones with overlays digging through the 30th ID site


I can email you what I have so far if you are interested. Let me know if you uncover any other good sources. Like kohlenklau, I'm looking forward to any maps created for Belgium.

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Kensal: Oh, I'd forgotten about those. Thanks! Unfortunately ... they don't cover most of what I'm after either :(

Fizou: The 1:100k I'd seen, but the 1:50k are new to me, and useful. Yay! I wish the resolution were better though (and that the opacity slider worked)

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