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AI in AOD is abysmal like in any strategy game.

Not the fault of the designers, you simply cant make a good AI for such games.

Allied AI just as dumb as Axis, only its more fun to play against Allied AI because as Axis you have the initiative from the start.

As Allies, the Axis AI lets you die out of boredom, because there are so many units and AI turns take forever, an endless series of pointless attacks in China and Russia. Definitly no fun.

I can only recommend playing the game against human opponents.

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If you'll designate the AI having +2 experience(don't select expert) and take the side of the aggressor I think you can count on a competitive game. It's good practice and you can sharpen your skills as well as try some atypical decisions for potential integration into future P vs P game.

It will be fun.:)

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It will only be good practice for your tactical skill of combining your units in combat.

For practising moves, your build strategy and your organization and preparation of major operations it is contraproductive, as a human player wont have +2 Experience as well as less assets, while he will generally be much smarter than the AI.

On tactical skill, I think too many players overrate the importance of this aspect.

On it being good practice as the aggressor, I disagree. Quite the opposite seems true to me. Playing Allies against Axis with +2 Exp. will sharpen your defensive skills and will give the Axis AI the chance to become dangerous in China and Russia. It will furthermore help the german AI in the West during D-Day, as its units will be more resilient against Allied air power. In the Pacific, Japanese ships will be harder to kill, thus giving Japan a slightly greater chance to stay longer in the game.

Playing Axis against Allied AI with higher experience makes every offensive operation in the earlier years naturally harder too, but, as said, that will only ruin your planning for P v P games, as you will sustain higher losses, will need more time for conquests, and so on.

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I've been impressed by the AI in AoC. It plays a solid game. But AoD is a dramatically more complex situation. How does the AI hold up? I presume the allied AI does better than Axis? I played Gold, i presume AI is improved from that?

Thanks for any replied

Hi lhughes,

The AI engine for AoD is the same one as used in AoC so there will be a lot of similarities in terms of general combat effectiveness of the AI, but you are correct that the big picture is much different in AoD than it is in AoC which adds to the complexity.

As it is a newer AI engine you should see some improvements over GOLD, especially in the targeting and destruction of individual units, but others are also correct that it will always be very difficult for an AI to match the prowess of a human opponent.

If you like to play games against an AI I don't think you'll be disappointed as you still maintain the ability to make adjustments for additional challenges and you can always try the DEMO first to get a rough idea of what to expect as it covers the initial part of the war up until the invasion of France.

Hope this helps and happy gaming :),


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