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Thinking of buying this game

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Hi guys! I'm considering buying Strategic Command - Global Conflict, but I have a few questions I'm hoping you can help me with.

Which games do I need to buy if I want ALL the content available? The Global Conflict Gold Bundle plus Assault on Communism and Assault on Democracy? Do you know if there's any kind of all-in-one, complete editition in the works?

Also, I notice it costs a bit more to buy the boxed version of the game as opposed to just the download. Does anything come in the box besides the disk? A user manual? Maps? If so, how much information is in there?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi fountainhead :) ,

1) If you want everything for SCGCWWII yes it's the Gold bundle + the AoD/AoC bundle.

You can run Gold without AoD/AoC but can't play AoD/AoC without Gold.


2) About content there are some answers here:


- Never ordered a mailed box so not sure what's inside safe the cased CD but it looks like no printed manual.

- I think the box/mail is more for gifts or backup issues if you have internet trouble or even no internet at all but that's just my opinion.

Better wait for an official answer to be sure.

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Hi Fountainhead

While the boxed version of the Global Conflict game does come with a printed manual, all the games, boxed or digital, come with pdf files containing more information that will be best viewed either electronically or printed out.

Each game has seen improvements to the engine itself and the features included, and the pdf documents will explain these as well as providing specific campaign information where appropriate.


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