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"Den Hout" Nov. 1944- 3120x1760 map


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Large map of the area between the Markkanaal and Den Hout. Map size 3120 x 1760.

Den hout was liberated by the Polish 1st armoured division in November 1944. The area was fought over during operation Pheasant. The area of Den Hout was defended by the german 711th Infantry division.

Market Garden is required to use this map!!!



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Thank you, JonS and Wicky. Very useful map. I have a smaller version of that map in a book about the battle for the Markkanaal.

I am quite familiar with the area beacause it is close to the city where I grew up. I did a lot of guessing of how it used to look in 1944. Especially the area around the bridge. There used to be a large dock for loading and unloading ships, and less vegetation. Ín the 70's the canal was broadened.

And the area west of Den hout used to be a lot swampier then it is now.

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I find it funny how we are seeing lots of in progress and completed scenarios over the last couple days after all the stuff about CM dying and how nobody is producing anything. And yet you don't see that many people rushing to rate and feedback many of these.

Anyway, looks really nice. I love that screenshot of the Sexton lying in wait behind the mill.


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