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Marines Campaign help.


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Just wondering if someone could help me to understand what I have to do in the 3rd mission of the marines campaign, where the Syrians counter-attack the MEU. I was defeated the first time I played through the campaign which is okay, but im going through again and this time, with a huge amount of luck, I managed to scrape through the mission without a single casualty and force a surrender. Which gave me a tactical defeat. It seems the Syrians achieved both their breakthrough objectives even though I stopped them what seems like well short of my edge of the map. Does anybody know the exact distance that they need to achieve this? Im also guessing that its a touch objective for them? As anything they got over the ridge and into my reverse slope defense was cut to pieces rather quickly.

Thanks for any advice and sorry if this is in the wrong section!


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I had something similar last time I played this mission - the enemy tanks came up the left side of my defence along the road into the ravine, and were stopped about half way into the ravine, but I lost the mission because they'd penetrated my defences. Rough estimate: try and stop them getting line of sight into the back of the map along that road (but it was a long time ago I last playe this).

There are different AI plans, and some of them don't involve the AI attacking with tanks up that route. But if you get the left flank AI attack, I think it will be very hard to stop the tanks before they 'break through'.

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Thanks for the tip, I did get the left flank tank attack and also stopped them just into the ravine. I'll have to try a different strategy next time through the campaign, i'll make sure to post results for anyone looking in the future. Cheers.

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