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Icon bug for AT teams

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I've noticed that there still is an issue when the player splits off an AT team that has a Panzerschreck. The shots below were taken from the KG Engel Campaign. As you can see, the team with the Panzerschreck has the soldier icon and is called the Panzerschrek team in the info box, while the other team has the AT icon:



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It can be sidestepped, if you're doing the split in setup. The problem is that the AT icon is assigned to the "C" team, but the first split makes teams "A" and "B". So if you, for example, split off an Assault Team, that will be "A", with the rump (including the AT asset) being "B". Splitting the AT team off from there will make it "C" and give it the right icon. Obviously, this is almost always going to be far too time-consuming to do in WeGo turns once the game is in progress, and probably too attention-heavy for RT play, but if you're going to split your teams at setup time, it's worth knowing you can sidestep this issue if you do it in the right order.

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