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Amazing 20mm Flak - Arrgghhh!

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The survivability of this thing was amazing. Currently playing through The Road to Nij campaign, and it is rather challenging to say the least. But listen to this for a laugh..

I set a prep artillery strike to hit a hedgerow I predicted (accurately) to conceal enemy troops and/or AT guns. So I let fly with 88mm rounds for a few minutes of saturating stuff. Nothing too heavy to begin with, as I just want to expose the units.

I then send in a few scouts to recon the area, and they are promptly cut to shreds. This 20mm finally exposes itself. I can see it is dug in, but there is nothing much else around it. The trees have been stripped, as have the walls nearby. It looks isolated sitting there by itself. So I think, I have plenty of time, this will be easy. I will set some arty to knock him out. I wont bother with anything else.

So the arty lands, and I strike some direct hits! Or so I think.. The craters are exactly over the top of this gun, and I believe I have knocked it out.. So I send some carriers forward to investigate. One by one, my carriers are left smoking wrecks.. Arrgh, that 20mm.. Still alive..

So I decide to fire everything I have at him. Vickers MG, in LOS, rifle teams, mortars and arty lol.. The works. This one gun is sitting there.. Still.. sitting there. They all hit the area, smoke and debris everywhere.. But this gun remains.. Just because he can he fires a few rounds himself.. They promptly cut through this row of trees and hit my infantry squads whom are HIDING in the field. Shredded. Then the rounds hit my Sherman which has just arrived. LOL.. My infantry bolts. My Sherman takes damage.. Arrgghh.

My artillery is still landing. But the gun is STILL alive and STILL firing lol..

He eventually succumbs to a lone 75mm round fired from one of my tanks. A single shot takes him out. But the damage this one poxy gun has caused is immense. Plus I have wasted dozens of rounds of 88mm artillery I can ill-afford. I couldn't quite believe it. But then I thought, this is Combat Mission after all.. Go Go Go...

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Yup, having the same 'problem' on the road to Nijmegen. I have quickly learned to fear these pesky guns. They will shred anything lighter (or squishier) than a tank in a heartbeat, and while they probably won't take out a tank from the front it will mess up its subsystems something fierce.

I've also experienced the hard way you can't seem to rely on dumping lots of arty on them and hoping that will do the trick. Because so far, for me, that has yet to work. :D

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I had something like that happen to me in an Italy game, but with an 88mm flak gun dug into a foxhole position. It was well supported and I had to cross a river to get to it, so I couldn't get close enough for an infantry assault. I ended up firing at it with mortars and small arms for ages to little effect. The area was saturated with dozens of mortar shells and under heavy fire but the gunner would still pop up and fire off a round every now and then, blowing up a lot of my infantry. After several minutes of this I just gave up, ordered a full retreat, and had everyone just sit there and wait the 10 minutes for a major barrage of my heaviest artillery to arrive, nuking the whole position to oblivion. That was a pretty fun game.

I just started the Nijmegen campaign so I suppose I'm going to have a lot of fun dealing with those 20mm things. I didn't have any trouble dealing with those guns in the first mission though. The only casualties I took from them was from a grenade one of their crewmen threw at my assaulting infantry. I just started the second mission.

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