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WW1 Revisited - An Ash and Will AAR - Entente

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Turn 57

Yikes, forgot to take screenies this turn, sorry!

Both offensives seemed to take a breath while reinforcements arrive. I'm sure Ash is wiping the sweat from his brow, as am I. 3 new French corps arrived this turn to supplement our defensive actions in the south. Belfort is now seriously up against it, and we may lose it next turn. However, a small glimmer of hope; our French artillery actually struck and destroyed the Bulgarian artillery. We left the Saar mines unguarded while we carried out some minor offensives to destroy a corps threatening Metz. 2 new British corps arrived in this sector this turn, and we upgraded the British armour. Next turn is going to be brutal, for both of us.

In Italy we traded blows with a weak Austrian unit guarding Trieste, but failed to destroy it. We had better results further north, where an Austrian corps was reduced to 10% for few losses.

Small skirmishes in the Middle East, no decisive victor.

The US continues to slide very, very slowly towards the Entente, and the British finally got shell production level 3. We are in the end game now gentlemen, time to see who will be the last man standing. German NM sunk to 21%.

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Turn 58

We are in the height of summer, and bitter fighting ensues. Due to thin lines and a serious lack of support, we lost Belfort. This is not great, but not terrible either; the NM shock seems to be quite limited, and the positioning of the fortress means that losing it is no terrible shame. I imagine I would be a lot more unsettled by this attack if the Austrian armour was in good shape- as it is, their readiness remains terrible. We were able to strike back at the Germans after taking 4 French corps losses to destroy just 2 of theirs, but brought an additional 2 down to 10% strength. The armour remains at Metz, holding firm.


In Italy, an Austrian corps was cleanly wiped out. Germans in low supply in the mountains were attacked again to solid effect.


In the Middle East, we badly damaged a German corps but were unable to destroy it. We lobbed a few shells into the Austrian lines to stave off an assault on Gaza. A recent government edict has ordered that all new British reinforcements from July 1918 onwards are to be sent straight to France, so there won't be much relief for the desert rats for now.


It seems Ash is trying to bring the Dutch into the war, as their readiness reached critical levels this turn. I know from gaming it in a hotseat match that the Dutch have a not-insignificant army, but they lack artillery and without it, they won't be able to do much against Antwerp. I do need to send more French to the north though, and let the British handle the center for the time being.

The USA suddenly decided now was a good time to protest at our blockade of Germany and slipped from 85% to 84%. Fortunately they are but a whisker away from joining now, and bringing with them that delicious morale boost.

The British got the Swedes further on side this turn, and I am beginning the process of upgrading my subs to level 2. Once they are ready, I will send them, plus a fleet of battleships and destroyers on a search-and-destroy mission in the Baltic. I cannot afford to wait any longer for the Swedes to grant me access to their ports. Destroying a large chunk of the German navy, even if I lose a significant amount myself, will be worth it. The British are in a far better position to weather morale shocks than any other major combatant for the time being.

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Turn 59

This was an interesting turn. Highs, lows, you name it!

Well, to the West then. The first thing you will notice is that I have managed to get a French cavalry unit all the way into Dusseldorf, as well as capturing 2 mines. The second thing you will notice is that the Dutch have declared war, their border became open to me, and as such, I was able to waltz right into the heart of Germany. The cav is a lost cause I know, but wiping out 2 mines = 60MPP loss, and wiping out Dusseldorf is another 10MPP (although it was already low from air ship bombing) plus a large NM kick in the teeth for Ash (down to 11% at the end of the turn). Now, to the fighting itself. Alarmingly, no less than 3 German guns now sight their targets on Metz- the next German objective is clear. I was able to do serious damage to two of the besiegers but only time will tell whether this is enough to prevents its fall. We didn't actually destroy a single unit on the western front this turn, but we did more than enough damage to make up for it. 3 corps outside Brussels were also mauled. One of the Austrian armour divisions was struck badly by our recon bombers.


New reinforcements arrived at Lille to stem the tide in the north.

In Italy, no action.

In the Middle East, we now face a most difficult situation. The Ottomans are breaking through our lines, and we have had no choice but to fall back, hard. If necessary I will fall back to the Suez canal to await reinforcement (but at this stage, I don't see much point; if I commit everything to destroying Germany in the West then they will capitulate before the ME becomes a problem).


The USA are at 95% or so. They are on the brink of entering, and plunging German NM further. The last stand is soon to arrive- all I have to do is hold onto my key NM objectives, and I'll have won!

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Turn 60

The USA has finally entered the war. And thank Christ for that! The German offensive is just steamrolling my perfectly laid front line. The Central Powers fired no less than 3 full artillery barrages at the poor armour at Metz. They didn't stand a chance, and we almost lost the artillery behind it. Our counter-attacks were weak as we scramble to reorganise. Fortunately, the US entry has dropped German morale to just 3%. I just need to hold out a little longer...


In Italy we lost a corps, then promptly destroyed one right back.


In the ME we continue to beat a hasty retreat. There isn't much to do here except dig in and protect Cairo. All now rests on the German NM.


We must prevent them from taking any objectives!!

British battleships are en route to the Baltic. Next turn I will send the subs. Time to start sinking the German navy.

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The Entente is victorious!

Ash has a nice bit of prose to round things off in his thread. We'll make a separate thread for feedback and end of game thoughts.

Thanks for reading, let us know if there's a scenario you wanna see next! :D

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