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New file at the Repository: MG Son West - Map Only - No AI (2013-11-16)

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Authentic map, 1,744m x 1,536m. Extends the coverage W and NW of the "MG Counterattack at Son" map that shipped with the module. This map's E edge also slightly overlaps the area of the original map, so you'll find Son Bridge and Son town on both maps. This is just a map; no scenario or AI are included with it.


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Yes. It's the building block of a scenario.

If you want to play on it, you need to:

1. Place the file in your "Scenarios" folder.

2. Open it in the CM editor

3. Finish the scenario with forces, etc., of your own choosing. Map is already done for you. But if you want a smaller battle area, you can also cut the map down to an area you want (be sure to save a clean copy first so you can go back to the full version in the future).

4. Play the scenario you made as a 2 player head to head battle, either PBEM or 2 player hotseat.

(If you want a solo battle vs. the AI, then you'll have to add your own AI to the scenario, victory points and objectives, etc.)

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Part? I prefer my QBs large or huge, so it will be the whole map :) It looks like this would work well as an attack/defend map with the defender defending the eastern end. I'll probably put the attackers entire settup zone on the northern side of the canal and most of the terrain objectives on the southern side, making the Son Bridge the key piece of terrain on the map. Of course, given that is the only means of crossing the canal the defender could win simply by destroying the bridge. I wonder how hard that would be? If that is feasible I may have to add a ford or two across the canal.

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Regardless of the bridge I think I may add a ford across the narrow section of the canal near the eastern map edge to allow the defender some means of shifting forces between the northern and southern sides of the map. The Son Bridge is extremely exposed to fire from areas near the attacker's setup zone which could make it impractical for that.

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