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Scenario Design - World War Two map resource


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Scenario designers,

Here is an excellent World War Two map resource at the McMaster University in Canada website. Bookmark and enjoy!


Backstory (for those who might care): I'm slogging through Jon Snowdon's excellent "A Scenario Design DAR/AAR". I've never built a CM scenario but would like to do so. I'm intimidated by the process. My goal is to someday, somehow, some way learn to create scenario's from the Lorraigne Campaign. I'm interested in Arracourt but those battels reach too far for me. I've decided to start with the battles at Luneville in September 1944. 15-Sept-44 presents a meeting engagment between troops of the US 42nd Armored Reconnaissance Cavalry and Aufklärung-Abteilung 115 of the 15th PanzerGrenadier Division. It will likely take me the better part of a year to master the tasks.

As Jon says, though, you start maps and then develop from there. I found the McMaster University in Canada website while conducting my maps search and expect to use it much in my efforts. Good luck and good gaming!

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Thanks hugely for this Badger73!! This changes a lot for me and while it will now take longer to finish the scenario I'm working on, it should (if I don't mess it up :D) be a far better product!

One question - I clicked on the McMaster link for the maps but while it takes me to McMaster University alright, it gives me a "Page Not Found". Would you have any updates on that link at all please?

Many thanks again (and to Jon for writing the tutorial which I've printed out).

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OK, just to add to the above, I did a search at McMaster and found this link:


That looks a lot like the original link so if you get a McMaster "Page Not Found" use their "Browse" feature and on the right hand side is the Maps repository. Click on that and you'll find WWII Topographical Maps on the bottom left side of the "buttons".

Hope that helps.

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