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  1. Downloaded the battle pack this morning... licence key fairly easy to find, with download and at your account. Only thing that slowed me down was finding where to enter the new key. Found the file... Activate New Products (just below the data, and game file (CMBN only loaded at present) for me. Hope that helps.
  2. Quite sure I lost a Sherman to MG42 fire some months back while playing against Meatgrinder. Just assumed the AP rounds shot up the engine. This was at some distance to where I could locate his troops. (Must have throw 6, 6's!)
  3. I would still give a try... a road that is, it may give the units a directional lead.
  4. Try putting road tiles on a AI game under a large bridge, instead of water, and avoid overloading bridge. Just finished a scenario where a bridge crossing by the AI is important. Problems I had was 1in 3 games ended up with bridge blocking due to vehicles or armour "humping" or freezing. Ended up putting tiles under the bridge and spreading out the convey. If you want to take a look at it ... just posted it to proving ground. Link below. http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tpg2/cm-battle-for-normandy/sl44-2-ai-invasion/ Only put these precautions in the AI game... In addition ensured
  5. Thanks for the help Erwin, your comments are most welcome. Will be hoping to post the scenario at the proving grounds soon.
  6. SL44 (2) Invasion AI version (Axis Vs AI) Shorker’s 1st Squad, on the June 6th 1944 succeeded in destroying the, 17” pounder covering the harbour entrance. The first invasion barges have docked, disembarking troops and armour. The Fallschirmjager, Germany Army, 2nd Battalion, 7th Company together with the Luftwaffe endeavour to hold the harbour and to take the control of surrounding bridges. Today it is warm, the light rain has cleared, leaving the ground damp, visibility hazy. Company size battle … medium size force… 35 moves CM:BN Commonwealth-Market Garden
  7. Hi MOS:96B2P FW 190A8 Focke Wulf... Fighter Bomber... Bomb: SC250 249Kg
  8. Europe 1940-42 Barbarossa/Eastern Front 41-43 North African Campaign 40-43
  9. Some years back, mentioned this, thought I bring it up again. Would like to see reinforcements clocked in minutes (If it was easily possible that is), instead of 5 minute portions. This would add more uncertainly in scenarios. For example, instead of forces entering a game in block, they can be fed into the game move by move... i.e. a convoy. Opponents, would be more unaware of the cycle. (Every 5 minutes to predictable). Reinforcements, for both sides unlikely to arrive at the same time. Not that a change like this would be revolution in the game, just add a litt
  10. Very impressive... thanks, will give it a go... already in love with the redhead!
  11. It looks very good here ...thanks Worghern!
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