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find a little bug with the SDKFZ7/1 both in CMBN and CMFI

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Nice catch Rommel.

This happens on the PSW 231 model too, but I believe akd reported it earlier this week. Small bugs like this re-emphasize just how many, for lack of a better term, "moving parts" there are to this game.

Which brings me to this previously unpublished image of the BFC road wheel testers in the field. Just look at ‘em would ya? Gettin’ mud and god-knows-what all over their cute little outfits in service of OCD wargame nerds the world over. If you look closely, you can see the patch materializing out of the distant haze.


I’m no MkVI drive train expert, but that looks like an entire “swing arm” and axle laying on the ground in front of that crew. Part of me wonders if the hole the guy is standing in is actually the resulting crater from a mine that just put the mush on their ride. I’m also guessing the rod in the foreground was used to leverage off the road wheels. Anything resembling expedient field repair and/or upkeep on those things must have been one colossal enema - smiles for the camera though.

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Peter Panzer,

That thing directly next to the crew is indeed a swing arm, which then attaches to a torsion bar inside the hull. The portion of the Tiger 1 Wiki called Suspension also notes the damage tolerance of the interleaved road wheels, which we saw elsewhere in a Jagdtiger proceeding merrily on while missing one or more road wheels on the left side.


The Alan Hamby Tiger 1 site has some excellent pics and a cutaway showing exactly this.


John Kettler

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