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Seeking Editor Advise

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First, I must admit I'm trying to edit SC2-Patton Drives East and I have posted there. But things down there are pretty dead and it is a very related game engine (I think).

So here goes and hoping for the best :)

1. Nazi Pacifists

Just bought the three SC2 games, out of nostalga about the old old version of SC and because of the post-WW2 Allies vs Soviet scenarios.

Went in to experiment with the Editor and the saved new mod will not play correctly. All I did was add a few names to the map and changed the start date. Loaded up just fine and every thing seemed good, except the Germans will not fight. When attacked they take losses, but I can not get them to fight. They don't even intercept incoming bombers.

2. On Map Unit Info Available?

For example, when I open up the Editor and load a particular campaign there is a French armoured unit sitting in Paris in the Editor. Is there any way to get the unit data of the unit?

3. Editor Help seems to say one thing, but Editor does another

When loading a campaign to modiy, the Editor Help seems to want a saved game. But the Editor itself will only load a .cgn file. Is there something I'm not understanding?

Any assistance appreciated.

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Hi Akmatov!

When you saved a new mod did you re-compile the scripts? It could be that they were not re-compiled due to your changes.

Simply go to Country Data->Edit AI Scripts and select the 'Update' button to recompile all the scripts that are shown with a '*' next to the name.

Do the same for Event Scripts and then re-save and it should then play as expected unless there are some events that are tied into the initially set start date of the campaign.

If this is the case, you can check this by checking the #DATE setting for events, then you'll need to edit the #DATE values for events to match your new starting date for the campaign.

2. Right click on the unit and select 'Properties'. To expand to show more of the properties, click on the >> button.

3. Editor only loads .cgn files


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Many Thx!!!!

I'll go explore now that I know what to be looking for. Huge help and I really appreciate the support for what is no longer your 'newest and hottest'. Ofc as I get addicted to this other toys become more and more tempting. I'm quite excited that it seems to be moddable by the likes of me. :)

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