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CMBN MG BULGE 44 MOD brainstorm thread


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I have been part of a humble mod over on the CMFI forum. Teaming with mjkerner and some others we have served up an appetizer to let interested folks have some sampling of Ardennes action while we wait for who knows how long for the real "CM BotB" or whatever it will be called. We've got gloves, US airborne in greatcoats and IMHO it is visual satisfying and we're working to improve it.

A few folks have expressed an interest in making a similar mod happen over here in CMBN MG.


Specific advantages:

The Waffen-SS and Heer uniform files can be displayed simultaneously. We have an either/or limitation in CMFI GL.

The STG-44 fan club would have its day!

A few other vehicles to be in the show versus what CMFI has...

Horizons we made for the CMFI mod can be pulled over, no problemo.

Maybe the player base is larger with CMBN MG and we can get some vehicle modding going? winter white wash camo...



No snow except by file renaming. mjkerner says he has a workaround...

Does CMBN MG have even light fog? I don't know yet...OK, I just checked, it does have all the flavors of fog.


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Hi Phil, I haven't had much time to do any work on things, but snow is relatively easy to do on the tiles using Corel's PaintShop Pro 4's color adjustment matrix. I have alot done already from my earlier start on the snow mod for CMBN, which I discontinued once CMGL came out. But there are still a lot of files to go through, like roofs and flavor objects, etc.

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no problem mark, at the moment there is not so much interest in the mod. Let it sit on the back burner while everyone plays MG. We'll reconvene in a month or so...

Then I can try and take on some of the re-coloring and we'll crank out the mod.

By then I might even have a few winter camo vehicles completed!

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